Gift Box of 8 Pure Therapeuti Essential Oils to Soothe Your Soul

Perfect set for a kind gift to someone who needs to practice self-care, including yourself.

8 Essential Oils for Mental Well Being That Can Be Used in a Diffuser

1.  Lavender- Reduces mental stress and anxiety, aids in sleep, calms emotions

2.  Jasmine-Can alleviate anxiety and help to keep alert.

3. Rose- Relaxes minds and helps with depression.

4. Chamomile- Helps ease anxiety and depression and relaxation before bedtime.

5. Sandalwood- May help alleviate anxiety and increase focus, good for relaxation.

6. Frankincense- Helps with stress and anxiety, great for grounding during meditation.

7. Geranium-Reduces feelings of stress and anxiety, and balances emotions.

8. Rosemary-Increases mental alertness, and eases feelings of anxiety.



Brand Name: BREYLEE

100% Pure Therapeutic Essential Oil Gift Box-8 oils-10ml each

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