Why Do We Have Visitation Dreams After a Loved One Passes Away?

"Dreams can be "understood" to a certain extent in a subliminal way, and that is mostly how they work." Carl Jung

Shortly after your loved one passed away, did you have a visitation dream? Perhaps you had multiple dreams spanning a few months. Visitation dreams are vivid dreams with your loved one as if they did not pass away. They deliver messages of love, advice, thoughts, and emotions. Their physical state and the communication are very real that upon waking you are confused. They are powerful and have a deep impact and you remember it for a long time. You wonder if they are still alive, but unfortunately, realize that was a very deep connection through a dream.

I had several of these visitation dreams shortly after my mom passed away from a terminal illness. They created wonder, confusion, connection, and love during a difficult time. In one dream, she gave me a powerful message. We sat at a cafe enjoying laughter, conversation, and the ambiance when she looked directly into my eyes. She was her beautiful self with a sparkle she always possessed. She said, "I am not miserable, you are." This was her presence of seeing me upset and highly experiencing the depths of grief. It is comforting when visitation dreams are of the person being healthy and happy.

Another visitation dream was her reassuring me that she is healthy and giving me a quizzical look when I checked to see if she was okay. She was doing well when I gave her a hug. The images were clear and the conversation appeared real. I woke up confused for several minutes to grasp the reality of my physical world, not the distant world.

Has a visitation dream provided a deep impact on your life? No matter how long ago your loved one passed away, do you still recall the messages? What are your views on the purpose of visitation dreams?

What causes these visitation dreams?

This is not a widely researched area and it is common with many people who lose a loved one. Is there something in the neurological pathways of shock or trauma where the response is meant to provide some relief? Is it your longing to keep the connection alive? Is this a force where the energy of the deceased still exists in the early stages and they transfer messages before leaving permanently? The dreams happen shortly after the loved one passes on. I had my first visitation dream the day after my mom departed, and thereafter several more presented themselves for a few months. It was so profound that I always questioned what is in the mind that allows such a deep connection.

It is hard to determine, and perhaps a comforting experience to ease the journey of grief to give you the reassurance that the communication pathways with the deceased are open. I strongly believe that visitations should be based on your interpretation. You can determine how real the positive connection is, and "we can also learn from our positive dreams with the deceased. Many positive dreams can help resolve grief issues in waking life (e.g. a need for forgiveness, or to feel loved, to be reassured that the loved one is safe, a chance to see them healthy, etc.)." "These positive dreams can reflect your waking life concerns and what you’re longing for." (Black, Joshua www.griefdreams.ca)

Carl Jung studied dreams in-depth and he strongly believed in visitation dreams, " Six weeks after his death my father appeared to me in a dream...It was an unforgettable experience, and it forced me for the first time to think about life after death. "

Visitation Dreams Are Gifts

Visitation dreams can be gifts for you to have a meaningful, strong connection to your loved one again. This can allow their energetic presence to give you hold unto their love forever. Grief is a tough journey, "We generally move forward in small, incremental steps. There are times when we may feel as if we are not moving forward at all, but we usually are." "As we gradually navigate our way through bereavement, our dreams can actually ease the intensity of grief, gently helping us to accept and integrate our loss into our lives." (Surviving the Death of a Sibling, T.J. Wray)

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