Who Am I? A Question That Can Arise Anytime in Your Life

Aware means to be mindful, alert, observant, and be wide-awake.  These synonyms allow for you to check if this is true or are you so disconnected from yourself and need a reintroduction.  This can occur in any decade of a woman’s life based on her personal experiences and not necessarily steady in a lifetime.

Self-awareness leads you toward the person you were meant to be regardless of influence of others, including media.  It is hard to achieve for most women as the influencers or people around your life create the scene in which you are supposed to thrive.  This can be friends or family pressuring you to get married and have kids.  This goes without questioning if this is what you seek.  The same goes for a career.  It can be the parents who want to keep their legacy and want you to be an attorney or attend a top name college.  You feel pressure as that must be done before seeking your life path.  You can think of multiple examples from life. 

If you are not highly self-aware, your life will take a direction based on the people in your life.  Again, it is very difficult to achieve and presents itself at different points in a lifetime.  What does self-awareness mean to you? 

To be at a high level of awareness is to be attuned to your interests, values, personality traits, and acceptance of your challenges and gifts.  These are the unique qualities apart from anyone and you have no need to be like anyone.

The demands of doing and having more in society has distracted us from self-awareness.  As a woman you are bombarded with careers, kids, mortgages and expenses, housekeeping, and expanding your “to do” list. Of course, I am not talking about women who have made an effort to simplify or live minimally to reduce stress.  Even if you don’t have kids, there are always activities or responsibilities to replace kids.

Five ideas on how to create more self-awareness

  1. Immerse yourself alone in nature. This can be at the ocean, lake, garden, park, hiking trail, or anywhere quiet to indulge in the beauty and wonder of natural surroundings.  Being alone raises self-awareness.   Another person may want to talk about their problems or remind you of difficulties, but alone you are within yourself which creates more awareness.

  2. Read an inspirational nonfiction book on spirituality, mental awareness, or about another woman’s story of reaching self-awareness through obstacles.  These books give ideas or insight on the depth you still need to discover that lies within you. Sometimes this part of yourself can be dormant for many years.

  3. Do not repress feelings or be harsh with yourself if you feel sad, anxious, tired, or fearful.  The more we repress hard emotions and pretend to be happy, the harder it will be to tune into what needs to change in your life.  Especially when these emotions are repetitive.

  4. Learning or doing something creative will make you realize new aspects of yourself.  This can be anything from writing, drawing, painting, or crafting.  Tapping into your creativity can lead you toward the meaning of your world.

  5. When you try new activities or travel you become introduced to new sides of yourself.  This increases self-awareness and allows you to elevate to new heights.

Once you become self-aware of your values, interests, and the best version of yourself you are allowed to grow and become you ,rather than who your relationship circle invents.

Self awareness will change as you get more evolved (instead of older) and your self understanding won’t be the same as your teens or twenties.  There are some traits we carry steady throughout life and others change as good and bad experiences present themselves on this journey.

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