What society expects of women. What does that mean anyway?

You always here the phrase what society expects of you. Who is society anyway, and should you care? The short answer is No and the long answer is what follows.

The only person that should be guiding you down your life journey is yourself and of course trusted family and friends. You don't have to follow this so called, "Society Expects" notion as if there is a speaker when you walk out of your house dictating how it should be and in what time frame.

Here are the "should's" that women have been bombarded with and the term "society" as the reason. Or at least what I encountered from women over the years.

1. I should be married by 30 and have kids because I am a woman.

( You don't need to be married with kids to have a fulfilling life, and that is a personal choice. It is not pressure from "Society" . You have to also realize the immense responsibility, time, finances, and commitment it takes to raise kids. Another term of "you can have it all" is another "society says so" which is not accurate. There is always something sacrificed for another. A high paying career and kids will sacrifice one area for another as you can't do both at the level of satisfaction and stress level that is tolerable.

2. I should be a woman business owner making a lot of money and know my passion when I graduate from college. If I don't graduate from college, it is a shame.

(You can pass as many stages as you want as a woman with or without college. It is no longer necessary to be in the same job for 20-40 years and what works for you may be multiple jobs. You don't need to have your own business to have a satisfactory life and not all businesses generate an average income.)

3. I should get Botox on my face and big lips injected because society is showing this to me. (Who is society anyway? Again, that does not necessarily mean attractive when following the rule. There was a point when many women got their lips injected and they started to look like women with the same lips taking them away from their unique beauty. Stay with what is true to your identity, not the latest media fad)

4. I must wear makeup and be feminine. (okay this one's on me and it's a personal preference as there are many natural women who wear minimal or no makeup and more androgynous clothes. You can dress the way that suits your body and taste.)

5. You should always be doing something or in demand. Whether that's a party, networking event, out with friends, taking kids somewhere, dating, visiting the latest and greatest place, shopping, going and going. (the best place sometimes is at home relaxing or reading a good book or journaling or doing something special for yourself. Perhaps that need of doing and doing dwindles with age, but it's okay to have nothing to do or a simple pleasure)

6. You need to be polite, friendly, and happy all the time. This is very untrue. We have difficult days where situations do not go in our favor. We get upset, angry, or frustrated and we don't need to pretend everything is okay. We can express our true emotions to a degree, and the comfort may be higher in private or with someone close. Even in public or at work when you are not feeling "It", or the happiness and goodness, don't smile. It's okay if you are not in a friendly mood. If someone is insulting or rude to you at work or another setting you frequent on a regular basis, you can't be friendly and smiling at this person, and sometimes polite does not work.

Here was the swift six of "Who is Society Anyway?" expecting you to not be you. Do you have more examples? Share below. Thanks for reading.

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