Upsize for Peace of Mind, Not Piece of Mind

Peace of mind takes practice and when we bombard ourselves with excessive life desires, stimulation, and exposure to negativity and noise, eventually we give a piece of our mind instead.

This is based on the mentality of overextending ourselves. There can be numerous examples, but basically it is going over and beyond your present moment for the sake of adding more to a life that is currently filled with challenges. Your focus, time, and energy are taken to the maximum.

You want to make sure to keep up with the standards of family, friends, or society. It is the comparison stage of "What is wrong with me if I am not..." fill in the blank. We decide to add more to our demanding lives. The only standards should be what you create in the reality of your life and not external factors.

You can also have extreme expectations that take more mindpower and it doesn't add any peace of mind. For example, "I have a career that satisfies me, but the promotion will give me more money, so I can buy more." This may not add to the quality of your life. The only result will be increased job stress with more money and spending which takes a piece of your mind. This can apply to anything in life.

Decreasing Piece of Mind for Peace of Mind

  1. You will let go of resentment, anger, or shame toward a person who mistreated you or their ill behavior was uncompassionate or mean. There will be people you confront as family, friends, acquaintances or anyone who you see on a regular basis. This will only build toxicity in your mental capacity to see anything good around you. Your focus will be on that one person who had no regard or compassion. Instead, it needs to be replaced with the person or persons who respect, appreciate, and value you. The more you accept people's personalities, values, and perspectives are not aligned with yours, the more you create a peace of mind.

  2. Limit exposure to violent, frightening, and depressing movies. Movies have more of these qualities making you long for the earlier days of the motion picture. Don't over-activate your mind with these forms of entertainment. It is not entertaining when you leave the movie depressed, stressed, and uneasy. We may already be exposed to that in daily life and the news. Watching the news is also stressful as you will react. The reactions will be more negative than positive. It is always something that is threatening your being. Limit exposure for more peace of mind.

  3. Spend more time in nature. There is a calming presence of nature that eases your anxiety and removes you from the noise of a chaotic world. It brings you back to a space that is natural without manmade energy which can make your mind frantic. This space can be quiet and you appreciate the surrounding beauty and sounds. You are able to connect to all your senses and inner ability to allow stillness. "Many studies find healing powers of being in the natural world: An experience in nature soothes, heals, restores, and connects us to the world." (Narvaez, Ph.D.)

  4. Take mental vacations. We don't always have the time or finances to take a vacation and we work for a living so it is unrealistic. However, mental vacations are possible every day. These are moments where you disconnect from technology, work, people, or any other tasks that require attention every day. This can be time for yoga, meditation, reading an interesting book, taking a nap with soft music, walking outdoors, daydreaming, journaling, not worrying about your next task, the phone call you have to return, the bill you have to pay, the next step in business or a work deadline, or plans for your kids. Step away and tune out.

  5. Show kindness and compassion to yourself and others. This is not possible for everyone and you need to be selective, but the peace you present to others allows it to be passed onward. Self-compassion means not to bash yourself with negative comments if something goes wrong with your life or from a mistake. It is natural to get angry and disappointed, but the time frame should be shortened or it will continue on a daily basis for months. You are aware of your circumstance, "Being mindful means gently noticing what you’re thinking, feeling, and doing right now, rather than operating on automatic pilot." (Greenberg, Ph.D.) Self-compassion means you are worthy of a good life no matter what difficult external circumstances you confront as that makes a strong woman. A strong woman knows everything is not rosy or goes according to plan. A strong woman makes mistakes, faces challenges, and is not perfect.

Thank you for reading. Your mental well-being is important and you must work on it daily. Allow time to be quiet, unwind, and remove anything that takes a piece of your mind.

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