Speaking Your Truth and Being Authentic

We have heard the terms of speaking our truth or being authentic probably several times.  What does that mean for you?  Authentic is the opposite of artificial, fake, unreal, or fraudulent. 

Why is it important to show our real self to family, friends, or co-workers or do we still need to be cautious and reserved on who deserves our authentic self? It's both. We need to be selective in who hears our truth as some cannot handle it or criticize it, meaning the negative vibrators out there. However close people in our lives should offer a level comfort where you can divulge your thoughts, emotions, hopes or desires.

Authenticity can have different meanings depending on the setting and people involved.  Happiness is part of finding out who you are as a unique person. You choose and live a life authentically and not following what may be the norm for your friends or based on family upbringing.

Does “fake it until you make it” really help us discover our authentic self?  It does not.  Your real self will eventually show up and you can’t avoid it.  You cannot be someone you are not meant to be.  Your genetics, personality, interests, values, experiences are shaping your real self.  Faking it does not work and is not useful to your psyche.  If you choose to accept and value who your true self is, then a lot of stress and discomfort will be avoided. 

If we want to use labels to understand the concept more effectively, I am an introvert by natural inclination.  There is nothing wrong with it and it suits me.  I based my life on this by being sensitive, compassionate, choosing independent time, and not always having to be pretentious, leader, or party goer type.  I love this quality as one is attuned to creativity.


Here are some examples of authentic self:

1. When you had a stressful day and you want to quit your job, you share your actual emotions, frustrations, and mindset. You don't pretend everything is fine or going well with family and/or a friend.

2. When you are depressed, you don’t pretend to be happy. Express to close people that you are not happy at the moment and need your quiet time. 

3. If you don’t have an interest in a cause, activity, or outing you will not fake it or be inauthentic to your interests, values, or time.  You will politely turn down such invitations if it is not putting you in the best place that represents you.  Like-minded people find each other.

Sharing your interests, stand on an issue, what you disagree or reject boldly is your truth.

Speaking your truth or being authentic will dismiss some people which is okay because you won’t have anything in common. It will present people who will also be real and that is what counts.  

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