Seeking Solitude|Self-Care

Why should you strive to seek solitude? This is crucial to self-care. The space is sacred and only you are invited. Life is stressful! Traffic and loud streets, people annoying you or being rude, co-workers who are stressful, gossiping friend, screaming and nagging kids, neediness from family, and hobbies (if there is still such a thing) is sitting in the back corner of your mind. Forgot to mention the negativity each time you watch the news. Find me a hideaway right now. No matter what your circumstance you need to disconnect from this world and have time for yourself. Your peace is valuable!

Steps in seeking solitude:

1. Find a quiet space either in nature or a room with no interruptions or noise. You can use background calming music.

2. Think or reflect on your present life circumstance, whether ideal or challenging. Deep breathe and find the peace of whatever is present in life now, you can handle it.

3. Write a letter to yourself in a journal of what you seek as a person. This is separate from what anyone's expects or wants you to be. This is seeking deeply on who you are and not outside influences.

4. Relax and unwind. It is nice to listen to silence as you will hear the peace in your breath.

It's not always about being distracted with television, podcasts, computers, talking, and doing. Solitude will allow you to nourish your mind.

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