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Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Hello, Thank you and welcome back to Healing Minds.  A place where we work on our mental strength daily to live a healthy life.

As I have been doing a lot of reorganization, decluttering, and going through old books in the garage, I came upon ones that have not been looked at in a long time.  I want to share books from women authors that are written to inspire and help women in transforming their lives.  

Today I want to share Life Makeovers by Cheryl Richardson.  I will choose only a few points to inspire you today on Healing Minds. I will also give my quickies on each point.

1. Creating Space- Creating space makes you feel better physically and emotionally.  Once you’ve eliminated those things that have been draining your energy, you can actually feel the energy move back into your body.  And when that happens, your mind clears and your mood lifts as well.  

The best way I found is to start small.  Choose one section in your living space such as a cabinet or drawer or closet and go through it with the "keep section" and "time to let it go" section. I continue the project and realize how much space is created with less furniture or decorative items, the living space expands and so does the healing.  I dislike clutter and that does make me feel restricted and claustrophobic.  It is a cleansing.

2. To become a spiritual pioneer, you’ll need courage and a strength of character that will allow you to step off the common path and stand up to ridicule, criticism, and the inevitable fear, insecurity, and self-questioning that will occur.  You will set your ego aside for the higher goal of becoming an authentic leader.  You are interested in honoring your integrity and the greater good than being well liked.

This is taking a stand for something that is important or powerful for you in life.  Not everyone will be on your side or care for your mission, but it is still true to you to take a stand for your beliefs despite opposition and dislike. 3. Schedule some down time.  Whether you schedule fifteen-minute relaxation breaks during the day or put in longer periods of downtime, it’s important to begin making space to practice being still.

As women we have many responsibilities. You have to take time to be still and relax.  Don’t feel the need to have to keep doing more or adding more to your life as that may overload your stress threshold and you may breakdown. 4. Stop for a moment and ask yourself how many hours of sleep a night you need to feel fully rested, alert, and energized?  Set your own standards, then notice whether or not you’re  able to get the rest you need.

Look for ways to create a clean, cozy bedroom environment.  Do you have the proper mattress?  Do you have a great set of sheets, pillow and comforter?  You can possibly add a diffuser with lavender essential oil, sounds of soothing music, or anything that will give you a calm feeling before sleeping.  We will have sleepless nights depending on life circumstances, but we should create a comfortable space that will help us sleep. 5. We are unique individuals, we each have different standards by which we live.  No one standard is better than another.  The important thing is to know your standards for living and to honor them so that you can create more divine flow in your life.

You respect your standard and it does not need to fit or suit another’s way of life.  If you choose not to associate with people who are overbearing or want to always do activities not of interest to you, you step away.  If you want a simple life and not one of excess you hold to that standard in your life.  You need to cherish and understand your unique wishes for your life. Those were some healing minds tips to use today inspired by the book Life Makeovers by Cheryl Richardson.

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Thanks so much for joining me and please check out the next episode. This is Tania, and until next time,  A healthy lifestyle begins with the mind.

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