Majestic Oregon Waterfalls

I am on a nature destination binge.  This is connecting with amazing natural wonders, waterfalls, lush green trees, hiking, birds chirping along the creeks, never ending land and space, and spectacular views.  I am delighted with my choice to visit Portland, Oregon. The state surrounded by Douglas Fir trees and its various waterfall destinations.  This was my first visit making it more special and adventuresome.  I stayed at the Marriott Waterfront Hotel, ideal for morning walks and delicious seafood and vegan dishes.  Oregon is a place for fresh produce options as its vast farmland.  I noticed this is where my organic blueberries originate. 

Multamah Falls

Multamah Falls is a luscious green forest with a gift shop, coffee stand, and restaurant lodge.  The trek to the Benson Bridge overlooking the falls is only 20 minutes round trip.  Due to the dangerous landslides, the remaining hiking trail is closed.  This can be a popular tourist attraction with challenging parking.  We went on a weekday morning which posed no problem and makes the experience better.   I stared in awe at the breathtaking falls and how can one not take a few photos.  The trail to the falls is an easy climb surrounded by trees.  This is your perfect destination to get up close and personal with a dynamic waterfall not far from Portland.  It took about a 30-minute drive with no traffic. 

Cascade Locks-Bridge of the Gods

Spontaneity was my path as I did not know where the roads will lead. Until I decided to get off the main highway with a sign that lead to Cascade Locks, Oregon. This is a town that reminds me of movie road trips where the character gets off in a small town away from everything. 

It had the lush greenery overlooking the Bridge of the Gods, and yes this is the bridge at the end of the movie “Wild”.  The bridge connects Oregon to Washington. This was perfect for scenic walks and an ideal temperature in the sunny 70s. I bought some great road trip snacks at the general store and encountered several unusual character type mountaineers.

Silver Falls Park

It was worth the two-hour drive of lush trees, farming towns, and an uphill drive to finally reach Silver Falls Park.  What a spectacular 'waterfall lovers' paradise. If you want to get away from all the hustle of city life, buildings, traffic and immerse yourself in 9000 acres of nature with nearby cabin lodging, this is the perfect choice.  Silver Falls Park is a rainforest, so not all rainforest is tropical.

There is a total of ten waterfalls with trails that are safe for all levels of hikers.  You choose according to your stamina which trail to take and immerse yourself with beautiful falls. You can hike anywhere from 1-7miles as the trails are easy to follow and pace yourself to enjoy the beauty of creeks, birds, butterflies, and time to sit and breathe in the rainforest scents. 

You don’t have to go far to see your first waterfall which is incredible.  This takes about a 15 minute hike to be able to stand behind the falls.  I visited two of the falls due to starting early morning and gearing for the drive back to Portland.  If I revisit this place, certainly a cabin is required to have the full forest experience.

Portland Discoveries

I love books so visiting Powell Books the largest new and used bookstore in the U.S. was my theme park of books.  Whatever your fascination, the section is there for your seeking.  There is also a rare book section in which a few visitors at a time can frequent this closed room. 

King Tide Fish and Shell inside the Riverplace Hotel is by the waterfront with delicious shrimp and grits, lobster bisque, and homemade cookie which is one of the best tasted for a cookie lover. 

The weekend farmer’s market at the university seemed to have more variety and freshness than some in Los Angeles and would have loved to shop there, but passing by on one of my city walks.  Walking through the waterfront park gives one several dining options.  There is a café with ice cream and tasty healthy vegan bowls which is perfect for a quick bite to eat overlooking the water.

This trip inspired me to continue seeking natural wonders of the U.S. and enjoy the peace of life outside of the city.  It’s not always about rushing, but immersing oneself into the simplicity and beauty of life.  We are always told to accomplish and keep doing something, anything, but forget that there is beauty and joy in simple natural wonders in life.

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