Learned Helplessness

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Today we are going to talk about helplessness.  When was the last time you felt helpless?  Maybe it was today.

Helplessness is a feeling which is learned and it doesn’t allow one to be positive and make transformational change.

You attempt something repetitively such as acquiring a new job, starting a business, getting into a relationship, improving a skill or hobby or fitness level. The goal you set for yourself feels very unattainable and repetitive trying makes you lose confidence, get pessimistic, and give up.

This is where negativity becomes a habit and you get so used to this kind of thinking that you forget what it’s like to be positive or make things happen in your life. You will need to start working on changing your mindset.

How can you recover from learned helplessness?

First identify what is something you have tried repetitively and it didn’t work out so you gave up.  Maybe you gave up because that thing is not your thing and you need to find one that is your thing.

Think of one situation that you have been holding unto for a long time or one that is time to question if you need to put the energy toward it.

Once you have it in your mind, do you still want it bad enough in your life where your well-being depends on it and you know it will make you happy?  Why not add more joy to your life?

Let’s take an example, maybe you started a few businesses in the past and they did not pan out and you kept focusing on the lost time and money, instead of focusing on what did you learn from them.  That does not mean you give up as those events can lead you to a better idea, a more passionate idea, one that is truly aligned with you and it feels right.

Do you keep ruminating on the ones that did not work out and give up?  You have failure syndrome, or why should I attempt again, it never works out, I’m too old, don’t have money, no time, but if you still want it and you know it is a mission or purpose you will overlook these excuses.

You need a new mindset.  Keep picturing what you want, and if you still want it despite repetitive unsuccessful attempts.

Here are some Healing Minds pointers.

1. Don’t give up.  It must be something that is extremely important in your life.

2. Get your confidence back.  Are there strengths and a high level of passion or skills and knowledge you possess that can make whatever you have in your mind possible?  You must know that the silent confidence you have will make you recognize it.  Write them down.

3. Who can I speak to or what book can I read to learn more information on this amazing goal I have and want to start with the first step?

4. Choose a day and time frame where you can work on this goal. It’s easier to start small and gradually add more time. For instance, if you are just starting to jog, choose one day and do it for 10 minutes nonstop or if you are learning a new language start with 20 minutes, something that is doable for you.

5. Reward yourself after 10 sessions of commitment whether that is studying for a degree or working on your business plan. Take control of what you do and reward yourself.

Don’t get frustrated if something is not working right away, anything worth doing takes a high commitment and passion and time.

If you get into this momentum of committing to your goal, then magical transformation can occur. Make sure to be realistic and it must be doable.

A healthy lifestyle begins with the mind.

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