Introvert by Heart and Proud of It

I recall when it seemed that being an introvert was not a good quality. How foolish to be misinformed. As much as I despise using labels, that is what we refer to describing human beings or relating to each other. I am an introvert by heart or nature and proud of it. Although ambivert would be a better description. An ambivert is one who can go between an introvert and extravert and not lean one way or another as both are needed for one's life.

Introverts are caring, sensitive, highly attuned to the feelings and needs of others. They dismiss themselves for the sake of helping another person. That can be good and bad, as some people don't deserve an introvert's loyal time and soul. So one has to be very choosy. We can be the most loyal friends and give the most sound advice and support, but only to the select few who have demonstrated their loyalty and authenticity.

Introverts relish their alone time for self-reflection, creativity, and peace. They don't need constant attention, groups of people for validation, or to be popular. We are not attention seekers, but do seek authenticity. This can be to spread a worthy message for a good cause or create art to be shared with others. We tend not to be posing in bikinis, fashion, or constantly showing or talking about our vacations or what we have bought or done. We are not narcissistic or materialistic. This is general and not necessarily applied to all introverts.

Introverts will have a hard time being untrue to their beliefs, values, and needs. We don't need to be "showy" on social media or too loud where others can't be heard. We tend to be out of the spotlight, but still get our message across. We can be quietly confident or outrageously passionate. We don't need to be the life of the party or stand out in a crowd. Once we speak or take a stand then the meaning is genuine that a few words are better than an obnoxious scream.

We are great at description and perceptive of other people's feelings or energy. This can be overwhelming so an introvert must create boundaries and not get drawn to where they don't belong. This can lead to toxicity and stress. We love respect for our actions not if we are always glittering with bold moves or constant talk.

Introverted tendencies shifts throughout life. There are the days when a networking event, party, or happy hour with friends was fun, but at another point in life it becomes not what you seek. Those awkward silences people think should not happen is more connective as that speaks louder than the words. When you seek one on one time with a special person in deep conversation rather than the crutch of being in a group. You are completely present for someone going through a tough time. These are the qualities you rather posses. No matter what you will find the time for that good book, movie, or time at home where you don't need to be out or in the company of others. You enjoy peace and your own company.

To all the introverts out there: keep being a thoughtful, creative, and perceptive person.

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