Introduction (Part 2)

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Welcome back to Healing Minds.

This podcast is to propel you to improve your mental processes toward transformation. If you always feel stuck and lose control of your mind and need the encouragement to move forward in life this is the goal of the podcast.

We go through challenging events that turns us upside down, meaning gets us away from the goodness we are trying to seek in life.

Perhaps you went through a stressful divorce, lost a loved one, went through an illness or helping a loved one through an illness, experienced financial loss or having no purpose in life. All negative uncontrollable life events affect your well-being which is necessary to live a balanced, comfortable lifestyle with what you desire and enjoy.

I want to offer hope through inspiration, information, and give you awareness to apply in your life.  You can improve your mindset and live joyfully by transforming your life before you feel like giving up.

As humans we cannot avoid hard events.  Our mental state is at risk daily.  You must implement a mental strength practice daily.

Mental blocks can be overcome with effort, determination, and action. You will not be diverted off your path and can walk forward in your purpose. What is purpose anyway? A word you have heard many times.  It is something you need as a human to make life interesting and requires courage and it leads to happiness and fulfillment in order to enjoy your existence on earth. It helps you become satisfied in continuously moving forward because it is something at your core and you want to do it no matter what.

Healing Minds is a place to become empowered through difficult times.

When we have our mind, body and spirituality in the right place, miraculous things can occur where we thought we were helpless and could not change.

If you have gone through emotional pain, strength is possible.

After you pay attention and are aware what is going on and what is out of balance you must make the decision to change.  The change may require you to read an inspirational book, listen to inspirational people or a podcast, or get counseling or coaching to have someone help you move forward.

Come join me on this mind boosting quest so I can help you get an Aha moment to improve your life. We will be a community of supporters so you can share and grow together as a group. A healthy lifestyle begins with the mind.

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