Interview with Kia-Deep Transformational Life Coach @seedsoftheheart

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

My quest is to interview women who have gone on their special transformation healing journey and now they practice their purpose and help others.

My interview in this episode is with Kia and she can found on Facebook and Instagram @seedsoftheheart. Her website is:

Her consultation with clients is complimentary.

Here is Kia's background and questions she answers in the episode.

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Kiyanush Kamrani or Kia is a certified Deep Transformational Coach, yoga teacher, and a reiki teacher.  She inspires through life transformational quotes such as “Self-love begins with accepting where you are in this moment” on her brand Seeds of the Heart Instagram page.

She has a degree in Psychology and was on her way to becoming a Marriage Family Therapist until her spiritual journey shifted.  She decided to take an alternate route and became certified as a Deep Transformational Life Coach to help people who have experienced trauma, depression, or anxiety to their own journey of self-discovery.  She also is certified in yoga therapy for clients recovering from a mental illness.

Kia is spreading the hope and ability to change by helping her clients.

  1. Can you tell us a little about your childhood trauma growing up in the volatile political climate of Iran?

  2. How did you overcome your Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from childhood?

  3. Can you tell us what a deep transformation life coach does?

  4. I understand your ability to overcome challenges made you want to help others to heal from their own traumas.  As a deep transformational life coach what is the first step you suggest to clients to start their healing journey?

  5. What is one thing women can do today to improve their self-care routine?

  6. I like how you mention ,  ”When we arrive at the seed of the truth that is planted within, all we will find is love.”  Why do you think most of us have trouble finding that seed?

  7. You also mention that, “Healing is a messy process as unconscious patterns are being released.”  How does one connect to that pattern that may be sabotaging one’s life?

  8. For yoga lovers or ones who want to start the practice, can you give us the names of three poses good for healing depression.

  9. How can yoga help one recover from a mental challenge?

  10. Final question, I like to ask this question in all my interviews.  Where is one place you have traveled in which you consider was part of your healing journey?

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