Interview with Erin Friedlieb of Lady B Collective @ladybcollective

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

My quest is to interview women who have gone on their special transformation healing journey and now they practice their purpose and help others.

My interview in this episode is with Erin Friedlieb and she can be found on Instagram @ladybcollective. Her website is:

Here is Erin's background and questions she answers in this episode.

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Erin's journey began when she was a girl growing up in a male dominated society.  She felt that as a woman she could not be assertive and share opinions or trust herself to be the person she was meant to be. 

She felt undervalued and was a big people pleaser.  Erin developed immense anxiety to the point of becoming agoraphobic which is the fear of leaving the house or being in crowded places where it is hard to get out.

She did not trust her ability to use her voice and become the best version of herself.  Her anxiety got out of control and she turned to drinking, pills, and toxic relationships.  Her awakening started when she started to trust and accept herself, rather than relying on expectations of parents, friends, or society.  

Erin believes the source of all anxiety and depression is when you are not true to yourself.  This lead to starting Lady B Collective.  It is a place where women can feel connected at any age or stage of their life. They can start trusting themselves to choose the best path and leave any situation that is not good for them.

Erin also works on animal assisted therapy for trauma patients and is completing her doctoral dissertation.

Interview Questions

1. I mentioned your background about anxiety in the introduction.  Can you share with the listeners at what point did you start listening and trusting your inner voice to change your life course which alleviated your life debilitating anxiety.

2. What are three effective ways women can use each day to manage anxiety?

3. What is a myth about women today that no longer holds true?

4. When you speak about getting through tough days, I quote an article you wrote about the topic, "It is necessary and normal to cry. It is a good way to cleanse yourself. You can’t keep everything in, and we all have our breaking points, and times where life becomes unbearable. Cleanse yourself in a way that works for you. Allow yourself to rid yourself of everything you have been holding onto."What was a big breaking point for you and what was the first step you took to moving forward? 

5. You are a strong believer in self advocacy.  How can women be their best advocate? 

  6. What is the first step women need to follow if they feel lost or unfulfilled?  

7. Sometimes when we hit that overwhelming place of depression or anxiety we have a very difficult time to get inspired.  You give inspiration tips on Lady B and one is, "I feel guilty if I don’t feel inspired. I am always waiting for this huge thing to happen or story to break. But the reality is, inspiration is rooted in the simplicity of things around you."  How can one start looking at the simplicity of life?  

8. What is your self care routine?  

9. Another great line of work you do is animal assisted therapy.  Can you tell listeners how beneficial it is to healing.

10. Final question, I like to ask this question in all my interviews.  Where is one place you have traveled in which you consider was part of your healing journey?

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