Interview with Charlene Walters, PhD: Inspirational Writer and Speaker @charlenewaltersphd

My quest is to interview women who have gone on their special transformation healing journey and now they practice their purpose and help others.

My interview in this episode is with Charlene Walters, PhD and she can found on Instagram @charlenewaltersphd. Her website is:

Here is Charlene's background and questions she answers in the episode.

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Charlene Walters is a mentor and inspirational coach specializing in work life balance, personal branding and leadership development.  She enjoys everything she does and helping people to achieve their goals. She has a PhD in Marketing and an MBA.  

Charlene has always loved to write.  Her new memoir “Own Your Other”, is a love story of how Charlene met her husband and had two children.  Tragically her husband died instantly in a helicopter crash when her daughters were two and four years old.

This is the story of how difficult it is to lose someone you love and accept your new “other life” in moving forward.  Charlene was teaching and in the middle of getting her PhD when it happened.  She got in the trap of wondering how she would move forward, and if she would be able to meet her goals and take care of her daughters.

She emphasizes the importance of enjoying the moment.   Life can change in a minute and it’s critical to make the most of the time you have with the people you love. Sometimes you must reinvent your life. 

Charlene was able to develop resilience during this very difficult time and complete her PhD in addition to becoming an author, business coach, and inspirational leader focusing on resilience. She hopes to inspire others to do the same. 

Interview Questions

1. Can you tell us about that day when you got the news about the helicopter crash?

2. What strategies did you use after a painful event and move forward in a constructive way?

3. Did you seek therapy?

4. How did you explain this to your daughters?

5. According to the article, “How to Turn Your Life Around” you stated, “Was it easy to bounce back from this tragedy? No. I was often sad and overwhelmed. Did I do everything perfectly along the way? Absolutely not. I did as much as possible and tried to own my new reality, my new “other” as best I could. It wasn’t what I wanted or planned for, but it’s what I got so I learned to embrace it and move forward.Was there a pivotal point where that little voice inside you got louder and louder and you decided that the pain is so intense where you had to take control and use it as a strength?  

6. This is something I believe is possible after a trauma in working through pain and eventually using it as a strength. Can you tell the listeners about your upcoming memoir “Own Your Other."  When will it be out?

7. What is your self-care routine?

8. What is one pointer you can share to help someone to move forward after a traumatic event?

9. Is there something special you and your daughters do to stay connected to their father?

10. Final question, I like to ask this question in all my interviews.  Where is one place you have traveled in which you consider was part of your healing journey?

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