How Do You Stay Sane During Life's Battles?

Updated: May 10, 2020

It is normal to have life battles.  Correction, for the lucky few who don’t, wouldn’t be reading this article anyway.  Battles are the challenges we have to look in the eye and fight.  That sounds harsh, but you get the point.  Fighting is not in the sense of punching, kicking, and using your judo skills.  Fight means being assertive and facing the challenge instead of resorting to avoidant behavior.  Although the second option sounds better and more comforting, you must face the battle.  The battle we are referring to is the major struggle you confront. By taking useful action it will be better for your well-being.  

This can be against an illness, financial loss, divorce, tyrant boss, nasty neighbor, ruthless friend, or you can add your battle

Claim Your Sanity in Everyday Battles

  1. Take time alone as that is when you can focus without interruptions.  Turn off social media.  You can journal or take notes if that helps your thinking process or to purge emotions.  Choose a quiet area and turn off your phone for about 15-30 minutes.  This alone time gives you a chance of peace and insight on how to move forward in your challenge.

  2. If it is possible, get out in nature.  Walk, hike, bike, meditate, do some stretches and the sunshine will fill your soul and make any challenge possible.

  3. Exercise!  There are so many options and there is one that is bound to pique your interest.  Physical activity makes you feel good physically and mentally and some forms give you resilience or the attitude of not giving up.  Walk, jog, tennis, swim, dance, weight lift, practice Pilates, do yoga, paddle board, ping-pong, kayak, kickboxing, and more.

  4. Talk to someone who can relate to your challenges. It is great to have someone understand you. The people who can’t relate to your challenge will not connect well with you. They may not get "it".

  5. You may be facing an enormous battle , which you feel there is nothing you can do to help another person.  This can actually help you in facing your challenge by helping one person, a group of people, or many people.  It is the fact that you are relating to another human being facing challenges. Both parties will not be so isolated.  That nagging feeling of “I am alone” will not be as prevalent when you connect with others.

  6. Take a break and go on vacation.  Use your vacation time now. What are you saving it for?  If you have enough and you need a break, go somewhere.  It doesn’t have to be expensive or far, and you can even drive two hours away.  A weekend getaway from your challenges can recharge you.  You will face the same battles, but at least you took a break from something that is pressing your mind 24/7.

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