How to Break Through Adversity: Interview with Dr. Kimberly Corson

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My interview in this episode is with Dr. Kimberly Corson, a specialist in Human Development and Family Studies. She can be found on Instagram @drkimcorson Her website is:

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I welcome Dr. Kimberly Corson to Healing Minds.  Dr. Corson has a diversified background in the fields of education and psychology.

She grew up in Texas and upon graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and English from Baylor’s University, she worked with special needs individuals and counseled hospital patients with traumatic brain injuries.

Dr. Corson continued to pursue higher education and received her Master's in Literature and Creative Writing and became a high school English teacher and college instructor.  She transitioned to the field of marketing, directing, and production for a Chicago based children’s television show.  Afterward, she returned to teaching high school English and becoming an administrator. She pursued her lifelong goal of obtaining a Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Studies.

Dr. Corson progressed into becoming a Certified Family Life Educator by coaching families and individuals and teaching parenting classes.  She also started working as a researcher and professor and was confronted with the biggest resilience challenge of her life. Her mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and she left her career to take care of her.  Her mom passed away. Dr. Corson changed her career path. She worked as an Educational Psychologist at Penn State, while taking care of her father who was also diagnosed with cancer and passed away.  The adverse events of losing both her parents redirected her life course.

Her grief counselor introduced her to coaching due to her strong background.  She started coaching individuals who were going through major life changes. 

Dr. Corson believes self-compassion is very important to develop resilience.  By being kind to oneself, mindful of emotions, and focusing on relationships one can become more resilient. Interview Questions

  1. You help women overcome and breakthrough adversity.  How can one develop more resilience during and after a challenging event?

  2. You also emphasize self-compassion as part of healing.  What are a few ways women can use self-compassion as part of healing?

  3. How can relationships with family, friends, or outside influence affect women’s response and eventual healing from challenges?

  4. What is cognitive reframing?

  5. What should the journey of moving forward look like? And how can one be able to find their own way?

  6. What are the steps you take women through when they don’t have the confidence or ability to trust themselves to make positive changes?

  7. What is your self-care routine?

  8. Where is one place you have traveled to which you consider part of your healing journey?

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