Hillary Foster, MFT and Transformation Coach

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My interview in this episode is with Hillary Foster, a licensed Marriage, Family Therapist who is also a transformation coach for women. She can be found on Instagram @hillaryfoster_mft. Her website is: linktr.ee/hillaryfoster_mft Her background information is below.

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Hillary Foster has been a Marriage Family Therapist for 19 years. She works with individuals, couples, and has started to work as a transformation coach. As a transformation coach, she helps women through difficult transitions in life. This involves a three-step process where women go from transition to transformation. This gives them the freedom to live life on their own terms.

She got into the field of psychology trying to understand her family dynamics. Her parents divorced when she was growing up, and her father had bipolar disorder. Hillary started seeing a therapist after receiving her college degree and decided to pursue her Master's degree in Psychology, MFT option.

She married and had kids, but her marriage lead to divorce. Hillary realized that life does not always work the way one intends. There are challenges along the way that changes one's direction. She went from a stay at home mom to moving forward in her spiritual journey toward independence. She also had the challenge of a special needs child, and later facing her older sister's suicide.

She attended a Tony Robbins seminar which motivated her to coach other women in a positive way. She decided to touch lives in a grand way. She started Supportive Sister's Community locally and wants to expand it to reach more women seeking connection.


1. Can you talk about the three-step process in helping women from transition to transformation?

2. How can women feel more connected during transitions when life changes their relationships?

3. What is subconscious programming?

4. We hear so much about finding our purpose Sometimes people don't understand this and don't feel like they have one. What does purpose mean for you? If you don't feel you have one, how can you discover it?

5. What are the five signs you are in a toxic relationship or friendship?

6. How can a woman leave a toxic relationship without the fear of loneliness or lack of financial resources?

7. What is the best advice to give someone seeking therapy? Where should they start and how to select the best therapist for their condition or situation?

8. You share that limiting beliefs can be passed on from our ancestors which creates our thoughts of good or bad and take that with us. Also, the self-doubt can come up even if you start believing you can do something. How can we overcome limiting beliefs?

9. What is your self-care routine?

10. Final question, I like to ask this question in all my interviews.  Where is one place you have traveled to which you consider as part of your healing journey?

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