Five Reasons to Use Vellum E-book Formatting Software for Self-Publishing

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

As an author, you are anxious to get your book published. You had a lot of quality time together and now you must release the tight grip from your book. Prospective readers are eager to find you, in the search engines, and you are excited to share and get feedback. This is a big accomplishment.

The most effective method would be self-publishing. Otherwise, it’s time to prepare the query letters to publishing houses and get rejected several times. You want a reliable and efficient publishing program to format your book for self-publication on several sites.

Vellum is a program that allows you to create magnificent e-books with visuals. I find it useful for the basic functions of self-publishing a book. I will only cover a few features. However, there are two caveats before you decide to purchase this program.

1. You must have a Mac computer since it doesn’t work on a PC.

2. Your final draft must be a Word document to download into the system.

Although your Word draft is the final draft, and downloaded into Vellum, proofing the quality is still a necessity. You need to check the paragraphs and chapters in each section. Sometimes the program does not capture the correct chapter name if you don’t have it clearly marked in your Word document. You also need to add footnotes or block quotes as needed.

Five Reasons to Use Vellum

1. Formatting a book is easier with the friendly Vellum user interface. The pages are shown on the left side to edit your document, and the right side shows how it would look like as your final e-book. You can edit while checking out the finished product. You need to go through all your pages to ensure if subheadings need to be centered, bold, or underlined. You can check if block quotes need to be added. The chapters are shown on the left side and you can add names to each.

2. The sections offered on Vellum are book cover, title page, dedication page, copyright page, prologue, table of contents, about the author page, and more.

3. You can add images of your own or download stock images. There are four different size options for images. There is also an ornamental break you can add in your book which separates sections or scenes in a book.

4. The program is free to download and test it out. You must pay for the program in order to publish a book.

5. Once you generate your final draft you can download to the following sites:

a) Amazon KDP

b) Ibooks

c) Nook

d) Kobo

e) Google Play

Thank you for reading my article on Vellum. I will soon add a video to get you started.

If you are interested to purchase Vellum, here is my affiliate link. You can download Vellum for free and try it out before purchase. This is a great to determine if it works well for you. I have it and love it.

If you don't want to spend the time in formatting your book and publishing on Amazon KDP, check my publishing services tab. I can do this step for you.

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