Finding inspiration while on vacation-Camelback Inn and Spa at Scottsdale, AZ

This is the first in a series of finding inspiration while traveling. I want to share more of the natural settings of my trips.

What better way to spend my first visit to Arizona at the luxurious Camelback Inn Spa and Resort in Paradise Valley. This journey was inspired by my pursuit of tranquility, connecting with nature, and pure escape. This is a fabulous resort with three pools, a golf course, backdrop of Camelback mountain, paths of nature which lead to a majestic spa by Mummy Mountain for hiking. There was an old western town set up by Mummy Mountain which looked like the Universal Studio lot, most likely set up for resort events. Plenty of walking paths along beautiful flowers, water, and of course the warm weather.

Walking away from the lobby and outdoor dining area.

The room had the comfort of a cabin with wooden panels and a patio overlooking the mountains and greenery with chirping birds adding to the tranquility. I was expecting to see mostly cactus like the drive from the airport, and pleasantly surprised with the nicely landscaped grounds with flowers.

On the way to the spa entrance for more tranquility.

The spa offered a full service menu and indoor or outdoor dining options. Delicious breakfast menu of an egg and veggie burrito and coconut chia pudding with granola and berries was indulged sitting by the pool. You get to relax indoors or outdoors with the backdrop of mountains sipping tea which you fill your tea bag with the herbal loose tea. This is something I can do every weekend, but for now this was a refreshing two day getaway.

My quest for nature inspired trips allows me to use all my senses in creating the peace that I desire. The beauty and peace calms the mind and allows one to continuously seek a higher purpose. I would love to share more upcoming journeys. Do you have a favorite spa getaway or a natural wonder of the world that you have visited?

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