Learn About Emotional Eating and Body Acceptance with Dr. Ashley Solomon-Psychologist

Updated: May 11, 2020

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My interview in this episode is with Dr. Ashley Solomon, a licensed clinical psychologist who has started Galia Collaborative, a place where women can heal, grow, and lead. She can be found on Instagram @galiacollaborative. Her website is: www.galiacollaborative.com

Here is Dr. Solomon's background and the questions she answers in this episode.

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Dr. Ashley Solomon had an interest in human behavior since childhood growing up in Ohio. She grew up in a feminist family and knew she wanted to make her life about empowering women.

She is a licensed clinical psychologist who specialized in eating disorders during her doctorate program.  

She is also the creator of Galia Collaborative, a place to help women Heal, Grow, and Lead.  Women can work with life coaches or therapists who help them to improve mental strength and well-being by leading them toward a purposeful life.  They help women conquer depression, anxiety, stress, and work/life balance.


1.  How did you help women get to a level of accepting their body and not look at food as the enemy, rather as something that nourishes the body?

2.  You mentioned that you found gifts and talents in each person with an eating disorder.  How did you make one recognize those gifts or talents?  

3.  What are the ways women can work through emotional eating?  

4.  It is known that food can impact one’s mood. What nutritional advice would you give someone to improve their daily moods: such as anxiety or depression? 

5.  If you can give one piece of advice on how women can improve their body image and not fall into the trap of an eating disorder, what would it be?

6.  Your group also works with women who have experienced traumatic situations.  In addition to therapy, what tools can women use daily through their healing journey?

7.  To quote, “Being good is overrated, and being free is even better.”  What does that mean?

8.  Can you tell listeners more about Galia Collaborative?

9.  What are your favorite things to do for self-care?

10. Final question, I like to ask this question in all my interviews.  Where is one place you have traveled to which you consider as part of your healing journey?

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