Don’t Aim for a Six-Figure Income in Business

Everything is about wealth building, and have a great idea so you can get rich or build a six figure business. This is pressure enough to make you confused or unconfident in your business idea or vision.  There are those women who are overly ambitious and go into business for themselves with a six-figure mindset or they consider themselves a failure.  I tend to oppose this view as it’s not aiming for this extraordinary amount of money, but enjoying the purpose and true mission aligned with your heart and values.  It is praiseworthy enough to generate a few hundred or even a few thousand a month. The business is so valuable that you will continue pursuing it whether you aim or get to a six figure income.

Reasons Why you Should Not set an Aim for Six Figures

  1. You will be so distracted by the monetary goal that the quality and mission of your heartfelt business will disappoint you. You give up because you are not living up to your money standards. You become frustrated as the tough journey seems impossible. Money does not equate happiness. It does not mean you don't have a successful business if you are clear on your intent and it's an important mission. It also takes the fun away, so stop focusing on those earn six figures on many websites about starting your own business.

  2. A business that you enjoy whether creating crafts or a service business is chosen out of something purposeful. Whether you make a few hundred or several thousand a month does not matter as you enjoy working on it.  Obviously, you need other sources of income in order to sustain this mission. It's so important that you do keep another job in order to operate your business. That's another message you should stop listening to about quit your job and start a business. Most of us don't have millions of dollars in the bank to take this route, and it would be irresponsible to take that risk.

  3. You will stress yourself to the point of not having time for rest, family, other hobbies and 24/7 will be about your business and you will get burnt out and not enjoy it anymore. It's wonderful that you have loads of passion for the business and it's really a personal choice as no one can judge a person's time. Just make sure you are handling what is in your stress threshold as we differ in this area.

  4. It takes money to make money and you will probably go beyond your budget paying for outsourcing services, ads, and anything to help you rush to the six-figure income.  These costs will add up and there is no guarantee that you will get there and my end up with debt if not cautious. Be mindful of your expenses and you don't want to fall into a money pit where you owe so much money that your business can't cover for a long time.

  5. Don’t compromise your health which is very valuable. Your brain power and physical prowess is leaning toward long business hours.  Your number one wealth is your health so plan accordingly to make money, but not so much that you are getting sick.

Start with small steps and be happy that you make any money in business. Stop the pressure of it's not good enough. Each moment of happiness will allow your vision and excitement to grow.  As long as you stay authentic to your audience and appreciate even a few customers then with time it can grow to six figures.  Again, that should not be the happiness goal in your business.

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