10 Simple Book Cover Tips

Book covers should look professional and they communicate your book content for you in cyberspace. Here are 10 quick tips. #bookcovertips

1. The book cover is the author's business card. It is standing alone in cyberspace and needs to let the reader know immediately the genre of the book. You are capturing their attention before they decide to read the sample pages. 2. The title should be easy to read by choosing simple fonts. Use only 1-2 font types.  The size and location should catch the reader's eyes right away.  Don’t let your images drown your title and subtitle.  There should also be a subtitle which further captures the reader’s interest below the title.

3. It is good you want to be known and stand out, but give the stage to the title, then the subtitle, and finally the author's name. 

4. The design should not be distracting or busy. It should not take away from the title or make it hard to determine what the book is about. It is there to enhance it.  Use a few colors, not so many that it makes the reader overwhelmed.  5. Have the cover emote a mood   This can be love, peace, caring, shock, fright, happiness or melancholy. This is a quick way to show the reader what they will discover through the pages of your book. The cover can also present an image of a time period to show the mood and era of the story.

6. There should be solid light space in the cover and an image that depicts something essential in your book. Whether that is a character, action, or a symbol. This depends also whether it is fiction or nonfiction. Fiction is allowing a character pop out in the action and nonfiction is showing a mood or information that captures the reader's interest.

7. Try to come up with a few book cover options and compare to determine which one presents the best visual appearance.

8. Who is your audience? Connect with them visually. What images or colors may attract women as opposed to men?

9. Include one object that may be significant in book. This may primarily be for fiction, but it can also work for nonfiction.

10. Decide if you want an illustration or photo. Look at books in your genre to get an idea of the kind of cover that attracts your liking for your finished project. Reasons you may want to have someone create your book cover.

a. You have completed the challenging journey of researching and writing your book. You are exhausted and don’t want to deal with the book cover.

b. You are frustrated to have to figure out the finishing touches to the book.

c. You are impatient and want to get your book published so you can focus on marketing. Contact Mystical Hummingbird Publications for book cover services.  #publishingservices Please provide the title, genre, and target audience of your book.  You may provide a color scheme or images you would like to use   Otherwise, I will select the images.  I will give you three book cover options and you select the final cover. We will work together throughout the process. The service is $150.

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