I am Tania.  Thank you for visiting my website. Here is a quick background and the purpose of my site.


I was born in Tehran, Iran and moved during the revolution to the U.S.  I am half Persian and half American. I have one older sister. I moved several times during childhood, attending three different elementary schools, and four different schools through high school.  I eventually found permanent residence in Los Angeles and received a Bachelor's in Psychology with an Elementary Teaching Credential.  I am currently working on my Integrative Life Coach certificate for assisting people transitioning from hard times and depression into their life purpose.


My multiple interests and need for change took me from being an elementary school teacher to working in entertainment, dabbling in creative arts businesses, brief media writing stint, and steady work as a paralegal.


My joys of travel began as a child when I was taken around Europe with my family. It restarted in my late 20s when I would travel to a new destination every year.  I love different regions in France such as Provence, Villefranche, Nice, Avignon, Loire Valley, and Paris.  I enjoyed Geneva, London, Belgium, and Florence.  My favorite U.S. cities are San Francisco and Portland, and en route to discovering others.


I have a fur baby Maltese named Chippie.  I love nature whether hiking or a peaceful space in a garden. Rejuvenation is always sought in nature. Simplicity is my way of life.  Peaceful space and less chaos.





I never imagined that I would be confronted with the most difficult journey in my life.  I was a caregiver to my mom during a terminal illness.  She was a dear, close, and amazing person in my life.  It was my purpose to give her the best quality of life, as I knew no other way.  It was the most challenging time that tested my resilience and delicate emotions.


I started to journal while caring for her, purging all my emotions and complexities of dealing with the medical community and relentless illness. This led to writing more content on self-care for myself and creating an e- book. I edited most of my personal experience to focus on women caregivers taking care of themselves during this time.


My mom passed away which was an emotionally painful experience and once I got a grip of my life I wanted to continue meaningful, purpose-driven missions.  Two and half months later, barely getting used to my grief, my companion passed away.  He supported me during this journey.  I was numb and did not know how to bring back joy or find inspiration again.  I was deeply depressed which is acceptable during this time.


I had numerous other difficult layers, such as physical pain and injury, unsupportive people, burnout, managing daily tasks, and trying to reorganize my life.  I had clinical depression and severe anxiety and knew that I would need to reach out for help.  No one was available to show me the way,  and I relied on myself.  I found my way through healing and wanted to share and provide valuable knowledge for others.


Challenging times are part of being human and support is crucial.  That is my theme for this site.

I coach women to also write their impactful nonfiction books and get them published.  They can have a supportive space and motivation to complete their project. No one is alone in their journey when they discover others with similar experiences. 

I have a podcast for mental well-being called Healing Minds,  "A Healthy Lifestyle Begins with the Mind."  I interview change-makers in the arena of mental health.  I also guide women during post-traumatic growth by offering sessions where we work together on purposeful living with effective mental well-being strategies.  This was important in my healing journey and would love to have clients who see me as a great support in their journey.


Thank you for stopping by and I hope to connect with you.  Never be afraid to reach for help.  That is what makes you strong.  It is weakness that makes us strong and understand life can be tough and when we want to give up, it is a signal to move forward in a different way.

All the best for your healing journey.