Learn three practices to heal depression.

Course Content:

  1. Introduction

  2. What causes depression? What are the stages?

  3. How can I get help for clinical depression?

  4. Three tips before starting your healing practice.

  5. Practice One:  Creating structure and scheduling feel good activities.

  6. Practice Two:  Identifying your triggers and working with them.

  7. Practice Three:  Identifying your values and setting goals.

  8. Three progress checks with me by phone or Skype to ensure you are not working alone and making progress.  Email communication is always open for feedback and questions. 

There are four levels of depression: 1. none 2. mild 3. moderate 4. severe

The course goal is to to help you improve by one level.   Again, this course is an adjunct to therapy, not a replacement.   

Hi, I'm Tania.

As your Mental Health Coach, I teach you how to take control of your mental health.  This course is in addition to any current therapy.  It is a service to guide and help you learn skills to heal depression. I work with students to ensure they are learning the material and taking action in their mental wellbeing.

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to meeting you in my course.

The course will definitely be under $100 and I want to make sure it is affordable for everyone.  The most important is for you to learn skills to  improve your mental health.  I want to succeed as a content creator and instructor by doing something good for others.  My goal is for students to share progress and ways they are improving on their healing journey.  

Self-compassion is your power to heal.

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